Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why Every Student Should Experience an MKE Summer



What comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin?

Be honest.

The weather, winter or snowfall is what many associate with the Midwest.

In Milwaukee, the city is vibrant and alive in every season regardless of weather conditions. But it’s true, summer is when it really comes alive.

That’s why I encourage every Marquette student to spend at least one summer on campus.

As any college student will tell you, life can become hectic and demanding during the school year. At times, it may feel as if you aren’t living in Milwaukee, but rather the “Marquette Bubble” of campus. Yet, it is essential to your time spent at Marquette to bust out and venture into the city.

I promise that a summer spent in the Mil will be the most amazing time you will experience in your early adult life. This city will captivate you.

As you embrace Milwaukee, it will return the same to you and as you love the city, Milwaukee will love you too.

It is a city that rewards the adventurous with the spoils of discovery: great food, music, and times.

It draws you in with the alluring long nights at the beach filled with endless games of sand volleyball at Bradford.

The city encourages outdoor living and an active lifestyle by providing residents numerous bike and running trails, kayaking on the river, and sailing on the lake. Milwaukee feeds the soul with an abundance of the arts including live concerts of a variety of genres and talents. It also cultures the mind and unites strangers through the numerous heritage festivals.

In the city of Milwaukee, life is anything but short of an adventure.

You owe it to yourself to become more acquainted with the city you call home.

Summers in Milwaukee are your chance. Free from any of your academic obligations to explore and discover the many hidden and most prized treasures of the city.

-Lauren Holman (lolifemke)

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