Monday, February 24, 2014

Study spots: where to find them on campus



Given that the ususal flood of exams are upon us, consider leaving your residence hall or apartment and heading over to some of these study spots for some effective learning … or web surfing:

  • Brooks Lounge
  • Eckstein Hall (Law Building)
  • Cudahy
  • Marquette Place (AMU)
  • The Brew
  • Joan of Arc (weather permitting)
  • The McCabe lobby and conference rooms (most residence halls have at least one conference/study room in the building. See the  DR’s to check one out).
  • Jpad, located in Johnston Hall
  • Straz Altrium, located in Straz Hall
  • Engineering Pit, located in Olin Engineering
  • Residence Hall student lounges
  • Starbucks

And for those looking to get out of campus a bit:

While all these places are good, usually any place with a solid chair and desk will do. Venture out, explore and try and find new places, there are more than just Raynor. Good luck hitting the books, Marquette.  

-Cesar Gomez

Would you add anything to this list? 


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