Monday, September 23, 2013

The Father Naus Day of Kindness


Father John Naus devoted his life to making people smile, laugh, think and feel better about themselves. 

His philosophy is something we all can carry with us each and every day to be better people.

We’d also like to dedicate a day to sharing the generous spirit that made him so special. That’s why we proposed an official Father Naus Day of Kindness. 

After Naus passed away, MUSG Senate passed legislation in loving memory of Father Naus to create an annual Father Naus Day of Kindness, falling on the first Tuesday after Sept. 22.

To be part of this, simply do something to brighten someone’s day.

If you’d like to share it with others to inspire more acts, use the hashtag #FatherNausTaughtMe. If you’d prefer to take your action anonymously, that’s fine too. 

Here are just a few ideas, inspired by the man himself: 

- Mail a hand-written card to a friend 
- Buy someone coffee at the Brew
- Ask your roommate about their day and genuinely listen
- Go with friends to Tuesday Night Mass
- Strike up a conversation at the AMU 
- Walk someone home 
- Tell a joke
- Act like it’s Christmas in September 
- See written on the forehead of everyone you meet today, ‘Make me feel important.’

We think Father Naus would approve of doing this on a Tuesday. And every day. 


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